court was decently annoying, workout was tiring but fulfilling, and boy do I feel good


This was one of my favorite shots because it highlighted their difference and exchange in body language. Drago struts forward like he owns the place and walks away from his only weapon. When he takes the first wide step forward, Hiccup responds by taking a tiny step back. Dragon leads strongly with his chest, while Hiccup is the fixed point. And while Hiccup’s hands are loose at his sides, Drago’s doing this idle rub with his fingers like he’s trying to decide what he’s worth.

I think the best part though is that while Drago’s circling, Hiccup breaks eye contact and looks down at his feet, while at the same time Drago gives him this judging once-over on his blind side. The glance down gets me because it’s something Drago would know to look for. We saw it to an extreme extent when he was advancing on Hookfang. But Hiccup’s not raging or spitting like Hookfang, nor is he cowering, he’s a pacifist so he’s just standing strong, listening. But you can see Drago sizing him up, like, yeah I thought so. No threat after all. I got this one. Next. 



Lost a $10 bill last night and couldn’t find I for the life of me. Until little Ava came out of hiding, that is

Khajiit has quick fingers.


my economics textbook sees a bright future ahead


you’re telling me a chicken fried this rice?


i want a bf :/

and by bf i mean Benjamin Franklin as in a 100 dollar bill

Robert Downey Jr. at San Diego Comic Con 7/26/14


"That band you like is on TV"



Some more TT art spam. These are weeks or days apart so the styles are different somehow.